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Providing Peace of Mind

For the past seven years the Williamsburg Nanny Agency has helped families find professional, trustworthy and reliable nannies and home helpers. The agency's mission is to provide peace of mind to parents by making sure every necessary step is taken in the nanny search process to ensure a child's safety and well-being and happiness. We provide support throughout the search beginning with a one hour consultation in your home to get to know you and to get a better sense of your living style so we can find candidates who will be a good fit. We are then able to customize our search to meet your specific needs taking into consideration family dynamics, personality traits, living habits and discipline philosophy.

We have high standards when we conduct our nanny search and always base our decisions on whether we would be happy with a candidate looking after our own children. We have a long list of requirements but above all look for nannies who are nurturing and truly enjoy caring for children which is demonstrated by their career choices e.g. as a professional nanny or studying for a degree in teaching. We believe references are important when searching for a nanny so we speak to every family the nanny has worked for previously and encourage our clients to do the same.

We rigorously check backgrounds, driving records and the Sex Offender's Registry to ensure the safety of your child. Once your nanny starts working for you we provide on-going support and consultation to both the family and the nanny. We believe that open communication is the answer to a long-lasting, healthy relationship between you and your nanny.


Professional Nannies



The agency works exclusively with nannies who are dedicated to a career working with children in some capacity e.g. as a professional nanny or a teacher in early childhood education. To be considered as an applicant candidates must possess previous experience working as a nanny in a home setting. Through training and guidance, many of the nannies who currently work for the agency have chosen to become a 'nanny for life' and many of the nannies who joined the agency back in 2008 are working with their second or third family. 

Detailed Process 

The Williamsburg Nanny Agency has designed a unique process which involves many steps to ensure the candidates selected are a) safe b) experienced and c) a good personality fit for a client's family. Every prospective candidate must attend an in-person interview and before meeting a client a candidate is required to complete an application form and take a childcare aptitude test as well as provide references from families whose children they have cared for in the past. The technology used to conduct the background checks is the best available and the agency continues to monitor nannies during their employment with a family for any criminal activity. Our on-going support and consultation for nannies and families alike is what makes us stand out from the competition.


Norfolk Nannies and Home Helpers - our new nanny and household help agency located in Norfolk, VA designed to service Norfolk, Virginia Beach and surrounding areas. From this location we will be able to provide permanent nannies and temporary nannies 24/7 including emergency childcare.
The best temporary Nannies around - We currently have over over 100 nannies working in this area and our temporary nannies have a minimum of five years childcare and nanny experience. Our thorough background check system uses the best technology available to ensure your nanny is trustworthy. Available with as little as four hours' notice our nannies are the perfect solution for those days when your child is unable to attend daycare or your own nanny is unable to work.

                         Our Services


Permanent Nannies                                                            Temporary Nannies                       

Event Childcare                                                                  Newborn Care                                                      

Hotel Babysitters                                                                Night Nannies 

Housekeepers and household services                           Childcare Consultancy

Event and Wedding Childcare                                           Summer Nanny 

Hotel and Resort Care                                                        Live-in Nannies

Nanny Training                                                                    Mediation Services



                  Locations Serviced
Williamsburg                                Yorktown
Newport News                              Hampton
Norfolk                                         Chesapeake
Portsmouth                                  Suffolk
Virginia Beach                             Richmond 
Smithfield          Isle of Weight
Sandbridge          Gloucester
Mathews          Poquosin
Kent County          Charles County
Surry County          Charlottesville 

What I really love about the Williamsburg is the fact that they can provide a nanny with very little notice. On one particularly occasion I called them at 7am and they had a nanny to my house by 9am! This allowed me to go to work that day.

We are so grateful to Niki for helping us to find our dream nanny who has been with us now for three years. She has also provided fill-in childcare when our nanny was sick. I would recommend her to any parent looking for a nanny.

Janet and Brendon Jones, Chesapeake

An ideal gift for new parents

Our night nannies can provide newborn overnight care giving parents valuable sleep. Cluck below to purchase a gift certificate.


My husband and I recently attended a wedding in Williamsburg, VA.  The Williamsburg Nanny Agency assisted us with getting a nanny to watch our toddler (15 months) while we attended the wedding and reception.  Throughout the whole time we worked with the agency from the booking process through the event itself, we found everyone we worked with to be extremely professional, reliable, and responsible.  We loved the fact that they came to the hotel to watch our son.  They remained in contact with us throughout the event which assured us that our son was safe and having a good time.  We especially loved the fact that they sent us some photos of our son while we were at the wedding.  If you are coming to the area and need someone you can trust to watch your child we recommend the Williamsburg Nanny Agency.
Stacey and Todd, Washington DC 

The Williamsburg Nanny Agency provided nannies to care for our twins overnight. At first we were nervous to hand over the care of our babies but the nanny was highly professional and listoned carefully. She has been so reliable. We are very happy with the service.

The Williamsburg Nanny Agency came to the rescue when we had our newborn twins. Their experienced and professional night nannies ensured we were able to get some much needed sleep in the first few weeks when they came home.

Jan and Cleo Locklear, Richmond VA.